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Rübezahl - Remnants of Grief and Glory Digipack CD

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Artikel-Nr.: DEVCD014

Under the moniker of the king of the mountains RÜBEZAHL spawn their debut album “Remnants of Grief & Glory”, finally brought to you in a physical form by Deviant Records. As within the title of this monumental beast, this three-piece effectively employs shades and contrasts: Their sound is massive, heavy, ice-cold, and each second breathes the distant, barren grit of their snow-covered Alaskan origin, with ominously growling vocals full of anger and visceral intensity sinking deep into the thunderous atmosphere. At the same time, “Remnants…” feels highly emotional, with fanatic outbursts and melodies of beauty, somehow simultaneously monolithic and curious, exploring a dark Death/Black Metal path reminiscent of masters like Hate Forest.

- Digipack, limited to 300

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhdByn4pXEI&t=34s