Nigrum Tenebris - I am the Serpent Digipack CD

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Artikel-Nr.: SOLCD021

Sol Records is proud to release "I Am The Serpent", the debut album of German Black Metal duo NIGRUM TENEBRIS. Expect nothing but uncompromising Black Metal that exhales purity and coldness through every square inch of its pale skin, at times reminiscent of early 90s Swedish demo-era madness. The hateful and disgusted vocal performance is the perfect companion not only for the music, but also for the band's unpolished and aggressive lyrics about suffering and anti-religious abhorrence, futility and a nihilistic longing for nothingness.

- 4 Panel Digipack CD

- 4 Page Booklet

- limited to 300 copies

- mastered by H.Sorvali /Trollhouse Audio.

Sol Records