Sombre Figures - Streams of Decay CD

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Artikel-Nr.: DEVCD013

Following their contribution to the "Eternal Black Metal" split LP with compatriots Blood Red Fog, SOMBRE FIGURES unleash their debut album "Streams of Decay" with enormously malicious intentions. Over the course of 7 atrocities, the band here once again spawns some serious inhuman Black Metal terror, channelled into an obscure maze of unsettling & dreadful melodies beyond a terrifying & noisy sound-radicalism.
1. Broken Bones 00:00
2. Grandmother of Death 03:39
3. Forest 07:18
4. Ancient Ride 11:48
5. Great Realm 16:18
6. Blooming Corpes 21:24
7. Streams 23:33
CD limited to 300 copies
8 page Booklet
Mastersterd by Henri Sorvali (Trollhouse Audio)

Cover by Rok