Noctis Aeternae - Noctis Aeternae MCD

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„Out of the dark the shadows of past rise…” – Cold and atmospheric Black Metal carrying a nocturnal legacy of primordial blackness is what German NOCTIS AETERNAE deliver on their self-titled debut EP. No matter if raging passages of freezing soundscapes, feverish breaks and crushingly concise mid-tempo madness, sudden and sporadic outbreaks of heavily nostalgic keyboard tapestry – every musical element in these two lengthy and versatile songs is evidently subordinated to a greater vision, a gloomy and grim ambience, a lethal pact sworn with darkness and the mysterious beyond. Together with a beautifully fitting cover version of the legendary Zemial (“Sleeping Under Tartarus”) this EP offers 21 minutes of which each second feels valuable and significant.

Sol Records is proud to release NOCTIS AETERNAE’s debut EP as lim. 300 MCD.

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