Poccolus - Poccolus CD

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In Lithuania, the historical black metal trident of the nineties has always been OBTEST, NAHASH and DISSIMULATION - alongside these realities, however, there was another mysterious entity called POCCOLUS. The band has often remained in the shadows of the underground because it did not do many live performances and its discography counts only one full-album, the homonymous "Poccolus". This black gem released in 1996 is undoubtedly still one of the pillars of Lithuanian metal history. A majestic and epic record, but at the same time veined with a dark melancholy that catapults the listener into the mysterious eras of bloody battles and legends of Baltic mythology. The album "Poccolus" is a rare example of what was the real and genuine “pagan black metal” - no cheerful melodies and alleged vikings with long blond braids chasing dragons in the woods - in this album a hostile and icy shadow reigns looming as a bloody sword after a battle to the death. A raw and icy production does not take away the power and majesty of this work which after almost 28 years manages to be still so evocative and addictive. The album was initially released in CD format by Hammerheart Production and in 2006 re-released by Supernal Music. Now, for the first time finally you can rediscover this dark jewel in double LP version (and digipack CD) which will be released on May 29th, 2020. From the ominous past, through the screams of blood-thirsty werewolves, the charm of distant majestic eras reaches us again ...

Jewel case CD with 8 pages booklet.

Limited to 300 copies.