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Abyssal / Ellorsith - Sepulchorporeal / Amore Digi CD

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The split release showcases mastery in mind-warping death/black metal from two unique angles. Abyssal’s reverb-laden and dissonant cascades of notes exist in seamless synergy with the twisted and doom-ed barrage of Ellorsith.

“Abyssal has been a part of our musical journey throughout the years,“ speaks Ellorsith. “There is a certain inscrutability and elemental force that can be found in both acts, as well as a similar approach to just letting the art speak for itself. Moreover, I think we share or cherish the importance of the concepts and lyrics as a major foundation of each release.”

It is the aforementioned foundation on thematic concepts that makes the bands such an impeccable match. “We wanted to explore the sepia stained recesses of the early twentieth century – a time that existed on the brink of photography, and left naught but a faint imprint of ghostly images – glimpses into the past through crude analogue machinery,” reflects G.D.C., the entity behind Abyssal’s hellish creations.

“Ellorsith’s side ‘Amore’ focuses on the tale of Carl Tänzler (aka Carl von Cosel) whose love for his tuberculosis patient Elena Milagro de Hoyos turned into a ghoulish obsession beyond her demise.”

Ató con cintas los desnudos huesos

El yerto cráneo coronó de flores

La horrible boca la cubrió de besos

Y le contó sonriendo sus amores

Llevó a la novia al tálamo mullido

Y se acostó junto a ella enamorado

Y para siempre se quedó dormido

Al rígido esqueleto abrazado