# Volt Sorcery - To Rive the Scalp Asunder Tape
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Volt Sorcery:
VOLT SORCERY's first demo-tape "To Rive the Scalp Asunder" ominously interweaves the unrelenting pulse of cavernous Black Death Metal and the gloomy scapes of keyboard-laden intensity. It's the two core-members of German THORYBOS that dwell here, over the course of three songs, simultaneously in pensive, somehow distant and outworldly meditation as much as in the immediate nightmarish grip of ill-spirited ritual action.

Track List:
1. To Rive the Scalp Asunder 4:21
2. Severing Winds Upon the Witches Mound 5:02
3. The Pulse in Rapid Strokes Astir 5:16

Tape limited to 100 copies