# DEV045DEV040 Nartvind - Ruinous LP + Mist EP Bundle
20,00 €

Both Nartvind Releases on Deviant Records for a special price. Excluding Shipping costs!

Ruinous LP:

Back in the day it took Belgium’s NARTVIND seven years to follow-up on their infamous demo. Finally, in 2010, the band’s so far sole full-length album “Ruinous” was unearthed on CD and tape format courtesy of, amongst others, Finnish Grievantee Productions. Any kind of hype certainly was never to be expected for such a release in the early 2010’s and those times’ shallow uncalled-for perspectives to evaluate and experience the dark arts. To us “Ruinous” and its haunting grave-like coldness nevertheless always was a mysterious cultish gem of bleak and painful Black Metal. Still today, from its first note onwards, this exceptional piece of total grimness cuts deep under your pale skin and takes any listener on a pure transgressive ride into the self-destructive empty black void.
In clandestine conspiracy, Deviant Records and Gramschap proudly summon this harsh classic of raw & timeless intensity again. On the format it deserves, for your genuine displeasure.

Limited to 300 copies on black wax.
Including poster & insert.

Mist EP:

With their possessed underground gems "Until Their Ruin" & the follow-up full length,
Belgium's NARTVIND excelled in spawning bleak misanthropic Black Metal, so brilliantly authentic,
so frightening and pure.
Therefore we're thrilled to finally present the duo's 2010 "Mist" EP - up to now only spread
in a very limited tape format - as the 7" vinyl it was always destined to be.
Without losing any of its predecessors' piercing intensity & unpolished evil essence, these two songs stand out as the epitome
of the band's darksome oeuvre so far. Hypnotic grief condensed in every single note,
true darkness exhaled from every single scar, under which nought but festering torment & repulsion linger.

This 7" EP will be limited to 300 copies including a fold-out cover and a poster.