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Osculum Infame - Sadomatic, Impure Artgoat / Tzaphkial LP PREORDER

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The first and brilliant offering of Osculum Infame!

The B-side of this LP features the obscure Tzaphkial demo. The band was a solo project of Deviant Von Blakk (Drac Werwolf / Se Irim Abrahel). One demo was recorded in 1994. The source I used is the original demo Black Christ received from Deviant Von Blakk back then. Expect some crushing sound far away from what you've heard on the internet or on a recent tape reissue.

This vinyl comes with a 12" x 12" inserts featuring old pictures, flyers, etc. + liner notes by Meyhna'ch and Black Christ + excerpts of an interview of Vlad Drakul I conducted.

All tracks have been carefully remastered by Arjan of Heidens Art.

Black wax.