Circle Of Ouroborus - Lumi Vaientaa Kysymykset LP

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Reference: NAIL069

The 23rd record from the Finnish masters of ethereal Black Metal experimentalism.

Like with any other release from this duo, a new album always feel like a gift from the higher planes, always deserving of multiple listens, with moments of beautiful introspection and self-learning as well as blissful melancholia.

With "Lumi Vaientaa Kysymykse" we can see still some elements of recent CoO albums, with a lot of soothing, shoegazing melodies passing through.

However the pace is rather toned down into a more dragging and Doomy pace, often reminiscing with Katatonia, both in tempo as melody wise, and with an approach more akin to records like "Kuuhun Kahlittu" and some parts which are particularly metallic and acrid, such as the beginning of the second track, almost closer to Atvar's work under Kêres.

The Post-Punk basslines however are still always there creating their own shamanistic, hypnotic sound, as well as the feverish experimentalism characteristc of 70s and 80s Psych and Folk rock and adjacent much present in the keyboards and daring, outsider guitarwork, particularly in "Lankeemus".

Another absolute masterful record that touches all the vital points of Circle of Ouroborus' sound while still being refreshing and much surprising

- Pressed on 180g vinyl

- Housed in a 350gsm Single sleeve cover Reverse printed with Matte finish and 3mm spine

- Includes a double-sided A4 insert

- Black poly-lined inner sleeve and high quality protective sleeves

- Specifically mastered for vinyl by Haris V. at The Eleventh Tower Studios

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