Nächtlich - Third Ritual LP

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Artikel-Nr.: IPR170LP

-180gr. Black vinyl. Limited to 150 copies

-350gsm. Jacket. Matt lamination. Black inside print

-A4 sized insert

-Printed inner-sleeve

-Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves

By sweep of sanguine axe and scorn of solar halo, the rusted chains of antediluvian iron broken by immortal talons, a pale visage of unholy supremacy leering with violent virtue, rises from cruel coffin sarcophagus the entity feared only as Nachtlich. Resurrected from its nocturnal medieval slumber in the age of 2016, Nachtlich is a Canadian revenant manifested by shady mournmaker U.E, whose infamy across a vast array of miserable entities is celebrated in low chants of ennui trance by tomb cults across the ephemeral realm. An arsenal of nightbringer brutality, Nachtlich’s library of intoxicating incantations is wide in its selection, but only by the keen eye of ritual master, Inferna Profundus Records, has this early masterwork of U.E been claw chosen to bathe in unlight of the half moon horror malfeasance.

Third Ritual is the grave stomping carrion call of the unliving ghast grume. An evocative alchemical fusion of bass heavy raw black metal and eerie atmospheric ambient ministrations, Nachtlich here truly awakens to the rotting majesty within; wielding putrescence of power chord, zombie shamble of percussion, penetration of shrieking oration, crypt shake of bass, fungal dissonance of production and ennui enlightenment of subversive synth. Dedicated to the true ways of the ancient, U.E carves a path familiar, yet unique in its twists and turns of labyrinthine composition, contrasting spectral synth passages with mid-pace of raw black metal massacre. Raw, stripped down and rancid—Nachtlich’s Third Ritual is the triune damnation triumphant.