Halphas - Sermons Of The Black Flame (red) LP

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180gr RED Vinyl, printed innersleeve

After their 2017 debut "Dawn O A Crimson Empire" and "The Infernal Path Into Oblivion" now follows the next strike from the Hessians. With Berith – known from the paganists Timor Et Tremor - they have a new expressive vocalist in the line-up.

SERMONS OF THE BLACK FLAME is once again pure Black Metal, committed to the traditions of the Scandinavian school - but even more varied and epic than its two predecessors. Drummer Tempestas comments in an interview with Undergrounded.de: "We don't want to write songs that go down easily and that you get tired of after three listens. For us, the artistic aspect and the philosophy behind it are very important."

Eight new compositions - multifaceted, (not too) melodic, full of passion and atmospheric depth; after the great "Into The Fires Of The Black Flame", one is reluctant to return to the disillusioning reality of the present.