Beherit - Messe Des Morts LP

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Red Vinyl

BEHERIT, Finland's influential black metal band, led by Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance, defies conventions with their EP "Messe des Morts." Originally released in 1993, it followed their landmark album "Drawing Down the Moon." While their previous work hinted at electronic elements, "Messe des Morts" fully embraced them, featuring unconventional sounds and synthetic instrumentation. This EP was unsettling and alien, especially Vengeance's vocals. It challenged the norms of the black metal scene, paving the way for their all-electronic release, "H418ov21.C." While "Messe des Morts" initially confused and upset many, it exemplifies BEHERIT's three-decade-long legacy of unorthodox black metal. Finally, it receives a long-overdue standalone reissue by WEREWOLF, available on all formats.