Sturmes Reigen Festival Ticket

75,63 €
Bruttopreis ohne Versandkosten 1-5 Tage
Day or Weekend Ticket

Kombinat Schwarz Metall presents in cooperation with Sol Records:

Cénotaphe (France)

Warloghe (Finland)

Kiira (Finland)

Cold Earth (Germany)

Obskuritatem (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Spectrum Mortis (Spain)

Heinous (Belgium)

Thromos (Germany)

Häxenzijrkell (Germany)

Fiat Nox (Germany)

+ 4 hordes are to be announced

Ticket presale: Weekend 90 € | Day 45 €

Regarding accommodation: There is the possibility to set up tents on the event area.

Hot water (e.g. for hot-water bottles) will be available free of charge. 

Sol Records