Bekëth Nexëhmü - De Evigas Gravrit CD

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One of the most imposing and revered bands in black metal's underground for the past decade, BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ have built a literally towering body of work. The band is yet another creative vehicle of Ancient Records linchpin Swartadauþuz (Azelisassath, Digerdöden, Gnipahålan, Musmahhu, Mystik, Summum, Trolldom, Daudadagr, as well as current labelmates GREVE and MUVITIUM), but it's largely BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ where the man has most built his legacy. To date, three official albums have been released - 2010's de dunkla herrarna, 2019's De fördolda klangorna, and last year's literally massive De Fornas Likgaldrar double-album, which featured over two hours of re-recorded material, recast as a whole new experience - and a literal bounty of demos, each one arguably greater and grander than most band's actual albums, that have equally put a frightening new(er) face on Swedish black metal, by turns becoming the nowadays face of the form.

Alas, just as the band appeared to be becoming more active in recent years, now BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ announce that the forthcoming full-length De Evigas Gravrit will be one of their final four albums, to be released over the course of 2022. Perhaps reflective of this grave decision, De Dunklas Gravrit is conspicuously sparser and slow, and arguably their most melancholic recording ever. Nevertheless, this unique aspect infinitely rewards the listener, revealing new and darker truths that, despite the wide-open spaces here, soon become suffocating with their gravity. And, like so much of BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ's work all these years, there's an aching beauty to De Dunklas Gravrit, a majestic sadness that's poignantly played out across the cleaner guitar tones as well as acoustics. Taken another way, De Dunklas Gravrit is the bittersweet, resigned march to that grave.

"With this work, we close the circle out of 10 years of obscure magic," says the band, roughly translated from their native Swedish. "The ride has started to fall for the not-so-true gentlemen. Hail! Hail! Hail! Into War!" March to that end with BEKËTH NEXËHMÜ's De Evigas Gravrit.