Vritra - Suppliciter Exoro Te DCD

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Liber I hymns originally from private Vritra/Kêres split tapes.

Liber II hymns 01-02 from private 7"EP, hymns 03-05 from private Vritra/Appalachian Winter split tape,
hymns 06-09 from private demo, hymn 10 from private Vritra/Baptism split 7"EP,
hymn 11 from "Suomesta Saatanalle" compilation LP, hymn 12 unreleased Rotting Christ tribute.

Vritra is Shatraug, with the exception of "Ceremony Of The Demon-Witch"
featuring lyrics and guestvocals by Mons Veneris.

Cover art by Valeria RS, photography by Elena Vasilaki, layout by Mort Necrohavilum Impestiis
Mastered by S.Pedneault.