Out now:

SOL002 Shores of Ladon - Lupercal MLP

  • Vinyl edition of "Lupercal" released
  • 300 handnumbered copies made
  • vinyl edition contains one bonus song
  • split release with Eternity Records
  • check out samples here, order here


Shores of Ladon – Lupercal MCD is sold out for now but will be repressed in the next months with no changes.

Vinyl edition of “Lupercal” will be out very soon. Vinyl edition will contain one bonus track, 300 copies in black vinyl made.

Vinyl editions of Vindorn – Hrana and Shroud of Satan – Litany to the Moon will be send to press in the next weeks. Both will be limited to 133 copies only and will contain bonus tracks.


after some usual delays two new sol records releases finally see the light of day in order to crush it:

SOL003 Vindorn - Hrana MCD

  • withdrawn black metal from northern germany
  • reminding on mid 90ies east european black metal release such as early Inferno, Agmen and others
  • vocals in czech language
  • pro pressed cd, 500 copies, 4 tracks/23min playtime
  • check out samples here
  • order here

SOL004 Shroud of Satan - Litany to the Moon MCD

  • fast and agressive black metal, nothing more to say
  • pro pressed cd, 500 copies, 4 tracks/21min playtime
  • check out samples here
  • order here
and we finally finished the Shores of Ladon rehearsal tapes. available now:

Shores of Ladon - Rehearsal Tape Set

  • this set of rehearsal tapes was released for the appearance at the UTBS fest 2011, 66 copies each tape
  • actually only about 15 copies were made and given to some individuals
  • because there is still some request for these tapes we finally finnished them
  • so 50 copies of the tape set is available again, no seperate sale!
  • order here

new Grail and Shores of Ladon releases delayed, both bands were unable to rehearse for more then a year. new rehearsal place found early 2013, work on new songs will start soon.


next releases:

SOL003 Vindorn - Hrana MCD
SOL004 Shroud of Satan - Litany to the Moon MCD

  • both will be released in late summer as soon as the Shroud of Satan recordings are finished
  • expect withdran und epic black metal from Vindorn while Shroud of Satan stand for the opposite performing fast and aggressive black metal in the most traditional way

SOL005 Grail - new tba MCD
SOL006 Shores of Ladon - new tba CD

  • scheduled for autumn 2012
  • Grail will present four new tracks introducing their new vocalist, expect nothing but pure black metal
  • Shores of Ladon CD will contain final and improved rerecordings of all remaining tracks from their demo/rehearsal era

SOL007 V/A - tba CD

  • winter 2012 will bring a compilation CD with all exclusive tracks of some bands from the Sol Records roster next to some others.
  • already confirmed are: Shores of Ladon, Grail, Svarthyr, Shroud of Satan and some others
  • more information coming coon


SOL002 Shores of Ladon - Lupercal cd released

  • final and improved versions of 3 songs released only as rehearsals before
  • pro pressed cd (500 copies) with 4-pages-booklet
  • 22:30 min playtime
  • co-released by eternity records
  • check out samples here
  • order here


SOLREH001 Shores of Ladon - Rehearsals 2011 CDr is sold out!

Shores of Ladon - tba MCD will be out soon

  • expect 3 tracks + intro
  • split release with eternity records

new grail material

  • new grail material is written and will be arranged and recorded soon
  • depending on the playtime it will be released as very limited 7" or MCD in spring 2012


SOL001 Grail - The Morning of Disillusionment cd released

  • first recording session of grail
  • this release is an interpretation of the known poem by aleister crowley turned into nostalgic black metal art and two more songs
  • 5 songs + outro = 40min playtime
  • pro pressed cd, 4 pages booklet
  • check out samples here
  • order here

SOLREH001 Shores of Ladon - Rehearsals 2011 cdr released

  • 6 songs from three recording sessions initially released as tapes
  • because of the fact the one of the last sources to get good quality blank tapes from retired from business we decided to retire from releasing tapes. so we compiled the recordings on a cdr for those who are interested
  • 40mins playtime, 66 copies