next releases:

SOL003 Vindorn - Hrana MCD
SOL004 Shroud of Satan - Litany to the Moon MCD

  • both will be released in late summer as soon as the Shroud of Satan recordings are finished
  • expect withdran und epic black metal from Vindorn while Shroud of Satan stand for the opposite performing fast and aggressive black metal in the most traditional way

SOL005 Grail - new tba MCD
SOL006 Shores of Ladon - new tba CD

  • scheduled for autumn 2012
  • Grail will present four new tracks introducing their new vocalist, expect nothing but pure black metal
  • Shores of Ladon CD will contain final and improved rerecordings of all remaining tracks from their demo/rehearsal era

SOL007 V/A - tba CD

  • winter 2012 will bring a compilation CD with all exclusive tracks of some bands from the Sol Records roster next to some others.
  • already confirmed are: Shores of Ladon, Grail, Svarthyr, Shroud of Satan and some others
  • more information coming coon