# Beyond the Mirror of Worlds II - Concert Ticket Presale
20,00 €

- Beyond the Mirror of Worlds pt. II -
05/05/2018 at NekroWerk Klub, Nordhausen

After the memorable first edition featuring Cosmic Church, Blood Red Fog, Nawaharjan & Shroud of Satan, it is time to once again dwell in morbid darkness and worship the Black Metal cult in the most direct, ritualistic & sacrificial form given.

We are proud to announce BLACK CILICE from Portugal as participants in this offering, celebrating the sinister insubstantial smoke with raw, relentless hymns of suffocating intensity.

We feel sincerely honoured and excited to present the first performance of Finnish KUILU on German soil. If it's only a glimpse of the sublime Black Metal intensity which excels on their forthcoming debut album "Monumentti", whose release will take place at this very gig, that can be transmitted to the live setting, this will be something special.

HÄXENZIJRKELL entering the coven! Backed up by their summoning "...von Glut und Wirbelrauch" release in early 2018 this obscure collective invites to an obsessed witches' dance.

In view of this setback we feel even more honored and excited to announce NAHTRUNAR as highly appreciated addition to our gathering. From first encountering his intriguing Black Metal with "Symbolismus" up to the project´s haunting new album "Mysterium Tremendum" the Austrian never missed to amaze us with his tremendous intensity of atmosphere and vision. There's a rare integrity & coherence in NAHTRUNAR's approach to the malign shadows of night, a rare connectivity to the nocturnal forces of the ominous dark, to which the project´s restrained medial presence only adds authenticity. The more we feel privileged to present one of NAHTRUNAR's very few live concerts.